Canucks, Brothers and Cravings.


Most of you who read this blog and know me know that I’m a fan of the Canucks. They would be one of my passions at this stage of my life right now.

I haven’t always been a Canucks fan however. I remember the 1994 series and cheering for them, but they weren’t “my team”. Truth be told I was a Dallas Stars fan back in my formidable years. Back with Dallas and Edmonton had the consistent rivalry in the playoffs.

Why Dallas?

It was as simple as having a friend/neighbor who’s uncle was the assistant coach down in Dallas at the time. It was my weak attempt as a 12 year old Saskatchewan farm kid to grasp hold of some form of fame.

As time passed and I grew a little bit wiser and the Stars grew a little more inconsistent (to put it politely), I began my search for a “New Favorite”. Growing up in a small town you love the rivalries.

Black vs White

Good vs Evil

Canada vs USA

Waldheim vs Hepburn

Sasky vs Alberta

So naturally I couldn’t cheer for the Flamers or the Oil Patch. This was also the time when my brother Mark and I started to loose our own personal and sometimes violent and nasty rivalry that we have always had growing up as kids and were slowly becoming friends.

Now for those of you who don’t know my brother Mark. He’s not only a good man, loving father and a bit of spitfire. He’s also a little cocky, a little gritty and often chases conflict for his own entertainment. He’s been a Canucks fan from day 1. And as we grew older over the years I saw bridges being built as I started to take interest in the team he loves to the core of who he is. Seriously though, I don’t know anyone else who buys season tickets in the Calgary Flames barn just to cheer against them… I hate to give the Canucks all the credit, however, I do believe they have brought our relationship closer.

Whats my point in all this?

You see I believe that we are all relationally dysfunctional in today’s culture in one form or another. Yet we crave the relationship. We crave the interaction with those we love. And often we find ourselves standing at the proverbial “relational bridge” with matches in our hand because our cravings get so twisted and turned upside down and the love gets messy.


Because we hate personal, in your face tension and more specifically we hate being called out and corrected. We hate confrontation so much that its now become the norm to quit and walk away. To “unfriend” on facebook and “unfollow” on twitter because then its “official”.   This happens everywhere you look. Marriages being dissolved, Churches splitting over personality clashes, friends against friends, brothers against brothers.  We live in a society where if it feels good, do it. Totally lacking accountability. And then we have employed Psychiatrists to then watch out for our best interests even if it hurts and harms others.

My friend Josh shared a verse today that hit me. Prob 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.”

Hate to say it so bluntly, but aren’t we all just a little “stupid”…

Today, I don’t want to be stupid. I’m going to work on that.





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