30 days to being a better man… Day 3

Finding a Mentor.

I found a website/challenge that I want to endeavor and blog as much as I can about. Its called “30 days to a better man” from the website “The Art of Manliness”. Click here to check it out.

I love that this is apart of this challenge mainly because I am a large advocate of mentorships. I believe that so many lack the tutelage of someone who has gone before, lacked the wisdom that not only our peers may hold but those of a older generation. Personally, I find myself so quick to assume that I know the ins and outs of something without truly gauging the full spectrum of the situation.

As for myself, I already have a number of men in my life that I believe I can call my mentors. We meet casually and lately a little less frequent than I’d like but they would be considered the guys I’d go to for advice, counsel, sounding board, encouragement and a swift kick in the @$$ when needed. Guys like Ed Weiss, who has been like a father figure to me here in Kelowna. He has a God given ability to speak life and encouragement into a person like I’ve never seen before. Another man like Dave Huber who on the professional side of the Creative Arts I have not met another man who hasn’t done, seen or dreams bigger. Another is Harold Menzel aka Tex, who although I don’t get to meet with too often I hold his wisdom, heart and his unique sets of eyes close.

Finally, is my old man. Wayne Heppner. What can I say that hasn’t been said about most dads. The man gets me, he hears my heart and knows my passions. Not necessarily all the time but a gentler spirit there is none. I find often that the words of a father who loves his children are more powerful than the words of a thousand others.

So there they are. Go out and find someone that can speak into your life as well.



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