30 days to a better man… Day 5 – Cultivate your Gratitude.


I found a website/challenge that I want to endeavor and blog as much as I can about. Its called “30 days to a better man” from the website “The Art of Manliness”. Click here to check it out.

We don’t show gratitude near enough. Its true. Even up here in Canada where we are know for being overly polite and a bit of a push over true authentic gratitude is hard to come by. It has become second nature to simply toss out a “Please” and “Thank you” here and there but for those we especially are close to as men we find it hard to express in words our appreciation for one another. I think for the most part it is because it makes us vulnerable to an extent. Grown men sharing their feelings has a stigma against it.

Its definitely something worth working on.

The task today is to make a list of 10 things I’m thankful for. Here it is.

1. Family support during the good and hard times.

2. Friendships that encourage and pull me out of my comfort zones.

3. The various Career/Vocational Opportunities as of late with the prospect of possibly moving

4. My Mentors who see things differently than I do.

5. My Guitars and the fact that there’s a never ending gear wish list.

6. My Truck because it makes me cooler than I really am.

7. My Church which consists of a number of actual church communities that I am able to connect with

8. My Roomate because we never really disagree about anything and I’m likely not the easiest roommate either.

9. For Kelowna because regardless how often I leave nothing really changes and I can quickly plug myself back into the mix

10. My lack of finances because it makes me appreciate in a greater way when the money comes my way.

So what are you thankful for? How are you going to express it?

Let me know.



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