30 days – Day 12 – The Bucket List

I found a website/challenge that I want to endeavor and blog as much as I can about. Its called “30 days to a better man” from the website “The Art of Manliness”. Click here to check it out.

Today’s challenge is fantastic. Create a list of things you want to do before you “Kick the Bucket” aka “Buy the Farm” aka “The long sleep”…

So here’s my top 13. Because top 10’s are overrated.

1. Backpack/Travel Europe

2. Loose some lb’s and hit my ideal weight

3. Record a kicking Live Worship Album

4. Fall in Love, Marry and Start a Family

5. Drive or Motorbike down the Oregon coastline down to California.

6. Snorkle/Dive the Great Barrier Reef (again)

7. See a lion on a Safari

8. Go White Water Rafting

9. Don’t Drown White Water Rafting

10. Mentor 10 future mentors

11. Visit New York, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville and New Orleans

12. Spend time doing missions work in South America, Africa and Indonesia.

13. High five a stranger.

Whats your bucket list?? Share some of your to do’s!



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