30 days – Day 14 – Letter to your father

I found a website/challenge that I want to endeavor and blog as much as I can about. Its called “30 days to a better man” from the website “The Art of Manliness”. Click here to check it out.

Before I begin. If you haven’t seen the movie “Big Fish” you need to spend some time and watch it. This movie gets me every single time, its based around the stories a man tells his son. Stories that intrigue and entice imagination and excitement. Stories that inspire and instill greatness. Stories regardless how tall or far fetched they may be are special between a man and their son.

Today’s challenge is based around that special bond between father and son. The challenge is to write a letter to your father. Seeing that this is a blog, I figured I would write an open letter to my old man.

So, Challenge Accepted. Here we go.


I’m sitting here almost dumbfounded contemplating the words needed to be said to express my gratitude, respect and love for you. There is a few things that I want to highlight lately that you have done/said that I have appreciated in a large way. Simple things such as when I call you and say “Hey, it just me” you stop me and say “No son, its not JUST you. It IS You”. This stops me dead in my tracks and its your way of saying that you are proud of me and I should be proud of myself. Its so small yet instills a confidence in myself that I need.

I love it when you call simply to check up on me. You know the situation I am currently in and want to make sure that I am not only being taken care of but that I’m simply happy pursuing what I am called to do and what I love. This shows that not only are you my father but that you are my friend. That transition I know hasn’t been easy and something we are still growing in but I want you to know that I love the fact that we can simply shoot the breeze from time to time or hit up a fishing trip as friends.

I love the fact that I got to spend time back on the farm for harvest. Although it came with various ups and downs. It was a special time for me to come back, put in the hours and simply work along side you again.

So as I wrap this little letter up I want to say Thank you. I know I’m sometimes stubborn, hot  headed, loud, sometimes reserved and that I don’t call as often as you and mom would like, but Thank You for not holding that against me.

I love you more than you know and show.

You baby boy.



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