So I’ve taken about 2 months off from the ol’ website/blog thing.

It was a nice break. It was a needed break. I found myself simply writing for the sake of writing. Writing for blog hits and web stats and the warm fuzzies that come along with having people click on the little “like” buttons. I found that my blog was taking an identity shift that I didn’t care for. The purpose of this blog was to simply keep track for myself what God is doing in, around and through me. The purpose of this blog was to encourage others but talking openly and honestly about the various joys, hopes, pains and frustrations that life brings. And to create a place for conversation.

A friend of mine challenged me to step away from the keyboard for a bit and simply read the posts from the past 2 years and mark down the significant ones that were those light bulb moments in life where something just clicks. So that’s what I have been doing. Periodically I would click on a random post and sit there laughing firstly on how poor some of my spelling is. Secondly I would once again be brought to a place of complete humbleness of how faithful God is. Frankly, I need that more often than not.

So below are links to a few of those light bulb moments/posts if you want to take a gander of where I’ve been. And feel free to subscribe to find out where I’m going.

Last Word From God

Psalm 62

Something about the word “Praise”

Less of me to love…?

Stay Classy.



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