I just googled myself.

Actually I was thinking about the power in a name and well how quick in our society we view and wrap ourselves in the name or names we give ourselves and each other.  And after about 10 minutes of that I simply typed in my name into the Googles.  Social media sights everywhere. Its funny how much of a Interweb footprint one can make by doing some of the most simple things. Also there is a website that, no joke, puts a value on your social media footprint… So weird…

Anyways, back to the importance of the name(s).

My name meaning is:

Marshall – Horse Servant… (I have hay fever and don’t like horses in general, so I’m taking the horse part out and claiming the servant part)

Heppner – Potter and grower of hops. (Funny how there is a farming aspect to it…)

Growing up, various “christian based” companies made a killing off our family like many families, as we would frequently get gifts and memento’s of various bible verse plaques or acronym sayings. One in particular was each of us kids had a framed piece of paper with our names and an acronym for each letter that read a characteristic or trait. Now often these traits rarely resembled who we were or how we acted as children but it gave everyone the warm fuzzies that they were created for. We not only have grown up in our various cultures and environments where we so quickly identify ourselves with various activities or names but rather it has become our natural disposition.  Names like.

Funny, Athletic, Musical, Charming, Dumb, Respectful, Orphan, Steadfast, Mighty, Fat, Nerdy, Stingy, Strong, Loyal, Nice and the list can go on and on.

These names don’t only can and will describe a person, but the weight that they carry is so thick that they get imprinted on the hearts and souls of each and everyone of us. These names not only can edify and encourage us, but they can also entangle and tear down. These names come in and soon dominate our identity to a point where we ourselves claim these names and rely on these names for any form of recognition.  Maybe that is why James 3:9 talks about blessing and cursing with our untamed tongues. There is weight in the names we claim. I love Proverbs 18:21 that also says “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”

Truth is. I’ve been on this on going quest for identity over the past few years. I believe that it is something that is missed coming from the pulpits on a Sunday morning and missed in the conversations we have on the Wednesday afternoons. For many of us, we believe that our identity is wrapped up in what we do. When we meet new people our “go-to” questions is “So, what do you do?”. Rather, I believe we need to start staring at the question “So, who are you?” It’s a more forward, personal question and we must be brave enough to stop people when they start answering back with job descriptions and labels people put on each other.

So where am I going with this??

Good question, glad you asked.

My answer is, I don’t know. I’m walking through this myself.

I believe as Believers we must begin to put value back in who God says we are. (aka. Royal Priesthood and heirs with Christ, Saints, Redeemed, Loved and Beloved, Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.) Through this comes and complete heart transplant on how we love and experience love.

I believe that we must put to death the lables and names that so quickly and easily land and ingrain and eventually close and strangle out our world.

I believe we as a society need to realize that we are becoming less wise and encouraging in our words and in turn more cynical, sarcastic and spiteful with our words to even our closest friends and family and try to reverse this. (This is also one of the reasons we find it hard to keep relationships healthy and intact I believe)

I believe that as a whole we need to learn how to step away from our social media, blogs and text messages and become so vulnerable to having a face to face conversation for once.

And finally I believe that this is nothing short of a process. A process that begins simply with inward look and an outward smile to those you meet.

If you are like me you have some labels you need to shed. I encourage you to check out this website called People of a Second Chance. And start clicking through and begin reading on the redemptive power of allowing God to take these labels and replacing them with His identity for you.

Thinking out loud and moving forwards in this. Lord willing.



One thought on “I just googled myself.

  1. Great post. I helped run a Help Portrait event a couple months ago for a company called Solace SF. People Of A Second Chance showed up too, it was pretty cool. Really great people.

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