The Art of Packing Well…


I’m leaving for 9 months.

I have a lot of “stuff.”

Most of my stuff I don’t need.

Yet for some reason I convince myself that if I don’t pack it I will be without and the “what if” questions start poping up in my head. I used to be the guy that was always super content with little. I didn’t need flashy things or to accumulate large quantities of bed sheets… (Seriously… I have like a 10 sets of bed sheets for some reason…) But somehow, over the years it just happened.

No, I don’t have to pack everything, I do have a storage room where most of this “stuff” can go. And for a large part, my truck can carry all of my stuff back and forth on this adventure. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.

I think there is something that is, as human beings, needed in the department of withdrawal and need. To be without. Separation, from the “stuff” that so quickly clutters and consumes aspects of your life.

So here I am typing, probably when I should be packing. And I’m reminded of Mark 10 and the rich young man who asks Jesus, “What do I have to do to enter heaven?” And Jesus’ simply lands on sell your possessions and follow me.

These past few days I’ve spent time now dropping off at the local mission rubber maids and garbage bags full of clothes, bed sheets and random things. Things I thought I needed at one point in my life. And I realize now that only when we push aside the clutter that is so easily blocking our view can we begin to see Christ. Its not that ownership of things is wrong, not by a long shot. It’s like most things. A heart issue.

Check your heart.

I’ll continue to check mine.

We’re all in this together.



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