My gift to you is leaving.

Its funny.

I’ve sat here mulling over the past few days… my last few days in Kelowna recollecting back on all the good moments and hard moments over the past 7 years of living here. I’ve stared at the opportunities, faithfulness and favor that has been sent my way. I’ve tried to count back all the weekends served in the local church and the small groups and worship nights and random jam sessions with no avail.

And you know. I can’t help but laugh. Even though my bag of emotions is full and scattered on that spectrum of the good the bad, happy and sad. I find myself right now reserved and reclusive for the most part but finding life very humorous. I don’t know why. People ask me how I’m doing and I can’t necessarily put my finger on it.

Yes, I’m nervous. Who wouldn’t be.

Yes, I’m sad. I’m going to miss friends and the communities that I have tied myself to.

Yes, I’m excited. This is the captain obvious answer.

But honestly. I’ve purposefully blocked out time in my last few days to simply reflect and appreciate.

A good friend told me the other day. “You’ll never know you’re full potential until you step out of what you know and leave this place.”

This phrase has floored me today. This phrase has nothing to do with Kelowna. It has nothing to do with what I was doing in my ministry.

This phrase was a challenge. To grow. To break out of comfort zones. To seek after and to get hungrier after God.

This phrase will be one that I want to continue to utilize daily in my life.

So as I stare at my future. My ministry. My relationships. And so on and so forth.

My gift to you is leaving THIS place. In whatever form that looks like.

Let the adventure begin.

Love you all.


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