Let Heaven Come…

So, its 1am… I don’t know why I’m still up. Tonight I sat in a theater worshiping God with John Mark McMillian and I got hungry for more. So I started running through Youtube listening to some newer worship tunes and trying not to wake up my roommates…

I fell on these videos. First off the song itself is fantastic. Its actually sings out aspects the foundational principles of the church that I’m at. “On earth as it is in Heaven”.

Speaking of which. Did you watch the videos… Did you see the glory cloud? The gold dust floating in the room? Ridiculous!

Now if you are me. You are instantly sitting back in your chair and trying to deduct it to various reasons why that might be happening. Is it a hoax? Did they let someone in the room with pockets full of gliter and a fan? All these questions and more have run through my head. So don’t feel bad if you are like me.

In all honesty, when the gold dust settles here where I land with it.

This “House”… aka. Bethel Church, has dedicated well over 25 years to seeking the supernatural. Years of pursuit of Kingdom on Earth stuff. What that means is, weird things. Unexplainable things. Miracles.

Its unexplainable because we serve a God who does things that we cannot explain… This is why we are called to pray for Peace that Surpasses our own Understanding. If you are like me, our minds get in the way of the heart. Its been said, and I’ve been convicted of, that often times we only worship, serve and love a God that makes us comfortable, that won’t push me out of my box, that simply put, sits in His box that I’ve created Him to sit in. Hopefully you see this problem. But I’ll unpack it for you a bit. The Holy Spirit when He was release to us in Acts was called the Comforter. FOR A REASON. Because God expects us to encounter the uncomfortable. We need the H.S. to then come along side us and be our understanding and to intercede for us.

So, why gold dust? Why a hazy cloud? Why feathers that mysteriously fall out of mid air? Why random miracles? Why healings happening through simply looking at a painting?

The answer is simple. BECAUSE HE CAN. BECAUSE HE WANTS TO.

Want to argue with that? Good luck.

Truth is, I’m still uncomfortable in all of this. For those who know me, although I’m open to the Holy Spirit to do what He does. I am hesitant in my surrender. I want the H.S. to fall on me in the most sincere and real way. I don’t want to force it. And you know that I will default to baby steps.

I’m just so happy that I have such a solid group of friends around me down here and up in Canada to help encourage and hold my hand when necessary. Friends that are in that video singing and playing music. Friends who are ushering people into Heaven on Earth moments. Friends who are loving Jesus who have no need to prove anything to any man. Friends that want nothing more than worship.

As Bill says in the 2nd video… He is Wonderful. He is Wonder Full. He is Full of Wonder. He is restoring the Wonder.

Amen. And Amen. And Amen.

Love you all.


P.S. Just watching these videos on the supernatural… open thought to those who doubt it. The reason there is counterfeit in this world is because the original is so valuable and REAL. If there wasn’t value to it or if it wasn’t real in some form people would have no reason to counterfeit it. I can tell you in all sincerity this is real. I’ve seen it. I don’t get it, but I see it. If it’s God. I will worship God. If it isn’t God. I will worship God.


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