This was my today.

I love days like today.

Days where I wake up, have the morning to relax, reflect and take time to be still allow the Lord to speak.

School today was awesome. Probably one of the better days. There was a guest speaker who came in from LA to take in a Leadership Conference that the church is putting on but was invited to speak to our class regarding evangelism and prophecy. His name is Doug Addison. Whats blew me away was not only the content of what he was saying but the way he was saying it. I love speakers who know how to connect theology and revelation with humor and joy. I believe that for so many people who experience the week in and week out church life we miss out on the lighter side of who God is and how much he Loves us through the simplicity of laughter.

Doug said a few things regarding how in North America we the church present the gospel and really hit home the fact that so often the main reason why culture has built their walls and arguments against God is because of the presentation over the message. The fact is when Christ said “I am the way, the truth and the life” he wasn’t saying this in a group of non-believers. This was said to his closest disciples to reveal the point blank reality of who He is and to prepare them for the days ahead of the cross. When Christ spoke to the Romans, the Pharisees and the multitudes he spoke in parables to hide Truth. In Proverbs 25:2 it says that God hides truth and its the job of Kings to seek it out. However when Christ spoke to these people groups rather than hitting them over the head with Truth, he showed them the Way. I believe that order is purposeful. That God loves the order in which things and lists in scripture are written. Because they compound on each other, they follow each other and they enhance each out.

We live in a society that does not believe there is Absolute Truth. Which is funny cause then I pose the question, “How do you know that is absolutely true?”… Regardless of the irony, the realization needs to come that we are called to reach cultures and people groups and in order to do that we must meet them where they are at. For too long we have stood in our ivory towers and sanitized sanctuaries waiting for the world to come and meet us. This is why I have such a hard time with Christian T-shirts and Billboards. Why I cannot understand the heart behind those of us who picket hospitals for the sake of “pro-life”.  This is damaging and completely un-biblical. Its not that the message is wrong, its that the presentation is messed up.

Does Truth matter. YES. Do not think I am condemning or down playing the fact that when we speak we must be prepared to speak Truth into situations.  But we must be always speaking out of Love. Because Love is the Way. Its not about WHAT we do rather WHY we do what we do.

Ok. Enough of that. It just got thicker than what I originally intended. I might expand another time if people want me to.
So back to my day.

After Doug, some of my all time favorite worshippers got up and lead all 1200 of us into the most unreal time of worship. My friend Ally is just a spark plug of an Aussie who kills it everytime. The joy that she carries in her worship and the way she hears from heaven is outstanding. And then there is my Mexican brother Jair. Pronounced “Yahhher”. This guy not only can sing the phone book and make it sound like heaven is breaking open, but the power that he carries towards breakthrough is ridiculous. Blows my mind and I’m honored to share that stage with them, but even more so to call them friends.

After worship was done, this random girl (named Stephanie) who I’ve never met before came up to me and at first it was kind of awkward because she said, “I have a word for you, but its really long, can we go outside?”… Now for those who know me, I’m a polite guy, but I’m also timid towards various things of this nature. But I followed her outside and she began to share what the Lord showed her about me and my ministry. Let me tell you, I’m not only shocked but amazed at how accurate these things were.

She began to speak about my worship. That when I lead there is a faithfulness, joy, love and peace that gets released. (I’ve received this many times over)

She said, “You carry such a breakthrough anointing, that when you lead the door flies wide open and because of who I am people who I’ve been praying for over the years to come to Christ and people who I’ve been praying for restoration in healing, relationships and life. The time is now” (This word I’ve had probably 2 dozen times already before today. Which is so cool that God keeps say this to people about me.)

She then spoke about how she saw my heart, how massive it is, how much I crave to be authentic and to love on people. And how my love looks different than what most are used to and it draws people into me. How much I want to meet people where they are at. (which is funny because of how Doug spoke towards that today and I am all about it as well)

She then simply told me that I may not realize it but the fact that I am in the room, makes the room better. Speaking towards the presence that I carry by simply being present. (This is so wild to me, the past 3 years I’ve been praying into the atmosphere changing THING)

She then went into how this season will be a season where I will encounter God is the most surreal, overwhelming and underwhelming ways but will be able to recognize and distinguish His presence. (This is crazy, because I feel that a part my ministry towards the conservative church is to simply point out where the Holy Spirit is moving in the room)

She then, hilariously enough, asked if I was dating anyone at the moment. I told her no. She said, God is teaching you about intimacy regarding relationships, that He’s handpicked the lady, that He’s set her up with all the abilities to love what I love and to love every aspect of who I am. And that our relationship will be standard setting and one to model after. (This wrecked me, because last night I was lying awake at night praying about whoever this lady is that that would be us, almost word for word)

This made my day. How could it not?

In all reality, for some of you who will read this and am not familiar with prophecy, you might simply chalk this up to a nice girl giving nice words. I pray that you see this as more than it is. Really its not at all about me. Its what God is doing in me, through me, around me and even despite me. Its always about Him.

Remind me to blog about what I’m learning about prophecy sometime too… K? Thanks.

After school today, I then met up with some of the coolest guys I know for a bite to eat. We have formed a brotherhood where we can just do life together, chat about God, girls and good things. ECKG. I love that community like this is happening in so many ways in my life down here. Its exactly what I needed and I believe one of the reasons God’s brought me down here.

Anyways, there’s an update and some cool ramblings on what my life today looks like. I’m going to do some reading tonight and maybe veg out a bit.

Love you guys. Hit the subscribe button will ya? I would love to keep you in the loop.



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