Take Joy in the Lord… He’ll give you your desires…

Hit play and just read whats going on.

This is my life.

The past 24 hours have been nothing short of amazing and awesome and Amazingly Awesome.

So yesterday. My parents rolled into town to hangout with me for the weekend. I love the fact that I have parents that are so invested in their kids to come to the ends of the earth for nothing more than to spend a few short days together. Love them.

Last night. After I had dinner with my parents I had a meeting with the worship teams from 1st and 2nd year classes here at school. There was about 60-70 of us in this living room. It was an amazing time to get to know some amazing people and to hear the heart of the Father for what we do and where we are going to go this year. Not only in our music, but in our Worship.

The music above is just part of how epic that night was.

After we spent some time worshiping, we moved into groups and I got to meet some amazing worship leaders. What was the biggest highlight of the night was that the 2nd year worship leaders took each of us 1st year worship leaders and prophesied over us.  This once again cracked open my chest wide and God got to just hang out with my heart as these amazing people spoke into my life, encouraged, extorted and confirmed so much of who I am and what I mean to the Father.

One of my biggest things I have been looking forward to all week was that my parents would get to know my worship team down here and spend some time just doing what any good farming parents do. Love on people through the act of hospitality, good food and good conversation.

Some of my team are from other countries, states and I knew that coming up is Thanksgiving and Christmas and for some they will not be able to see their families. What I did was simply bring My family (worship team) to My family(mom and dad). Now for those of you who are reading this and know my parents. They did not disappoint. Nor do they… EVER. My entire team was enjoying each others company, My worship pastor Joanna and her interns Jessica and Cornelia, My parents. It was just a great morning.

And then it happened, praying into this moment for a few days prior. One of my biggest concerns was how do I bring my parents into a culture that for even myself pulls and yanks me outside of my comfortable bubble.  Love is a funny thing. When someone says, “Love covers all”… It really does.

My keyboard player Ana is probably the biggest ray of sunshine I’ve ever met. This petite sweet precious girl from Argentina (who was originally from Singapore) encompasses the word joy. She started to draw. In Chinese. My Mom and Dad’s name. And without any prompting walked over and started to love on my parents.  Through her drawing he began to prophecy what my parents names meant in Chinese.  I looked over and knew the moment of integration is now. As Ana was sharing I simply asked if my team would be willing to simply bless and encourage and share visions and prophecies for my parents.  Love covers all. Once again, to do live well is to love well and my team knows how to love well.

They began to share words regarding the strength, power and covering my Dad has for others, yet maintaining a tender heart. They shared how precious my Mom is, how beautiful she is inside and out. And they spoke about how my parents are Mothers and Fathers to so many outside of their earthly family. Mother and Fathers of nations. (which is cool how all 3 kids are living in 3 different countries right now) They spoke about the transition that will be taking place. One saw them riding a roller coaster to the top of a big drop that will bring nothing but joy and freedom. They talk about how God is going to bring in abundance everything they ask for.

The best part was my parents who kept looking at me with tears in their eyes wondering how these amazing men and women of God could know so much, could hear so clearly and could love on them so deeply.

After the smoke cleared, I simply asked my dad and mom to pray for us. To give a fathers and mothers blessing. It was so amazing. And then we capped it off by singing “I love you Lord”.

Wow. I think over the past 3 weeks I’ve broken down in tears on a daily account with everything the Lord is doing in my heart and in my families.

Today couldn’t have been any better.

Now I’m sitting in my room getting ready for bed and packing a bag for a few days with them in San Fransisco. We got Alcatraz and some touring and then have tickets to the 49er’s game against St. Louis Rams.

Who wants to be me right now??? So blessed.






One thought on “Take Joy in the Lord… He’ll give you your desires…

  1. love hearing how the Holy Spirit of the Living God is just moving you and teaching you and lovingly, persistently…pushing you outside of yourself… i can SO relate.. I thank the Lord for you and for your willing heart towards Him! He is increasing in You! so rad! …. been missing you and michael lately… would love a chance to sing with you 2 again some day! peace, in Christ! m.

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