Dear Future Mrs. Heppner…

Today I sat in the 2nd day of what they deem “Relationship Week” here at school. Essentially, its all about how do we foster, sustain and grow healthy relationships. Not only between Male and Female dating or spousal but also just doing life well in the context of community. It is by far one of the best sources of experiencing the culture of honor that is here in this place.

As I was sitting in class I got the opportunity to spend a few minutes writing some thoughts regarding my future wife. In the context of being authentic and a little vulnerable with you, here’s what I wrote.

Dear Future Mrs. Heppner,

There is something crazy that has been happening over the past 2 months. I feel that in this season God has granted me so much grace and favor to literally ask for whatever I want and it will be given. It really puts into perspective the verse in Psalms, ‘take joy in the lord and he will give’. I’ve never been so joyful and happy than I have in this season. Which is ridiculous! Often times, it rattles my cage to think that this is my life.
With that said I have and do pray for my future wife. You. Whoever you may be. I feel that God is setting us both up for each other. That we would know how to love people so well and that we would then in turn love each other well. That our love would only enhance and engage us into seeking out the Fathers heart and Holy Spirits guidance. That we would be setting standards and holding up values and principles regarding our relationship that would model purity, joy, peace, fun, compassion, servant hood, passion and love. That we who are already awesome separate would be 100x more so together.
As I pray for you, I realize that I finally am ready for this next step in life. God has placed in me a calling and has established giftings, directions and passions towards who I am and where I am going. I have established my ministry, my dreams and my vision for the future years and believe that I am coming into a season where I will meet this future love of mine.
My prayer and desire is that I would be the man that you can trust and entrust to me the fullness of who you are. That you can look to me for strength and security in the times of uncertainty that comes. That I would be your source for overwhelming encouragement and unconditional love. That when you think of me a smile hits your face. I pray that I would be your knight and you my queen. That there would be no day where I am not far from your thoughts. That I would be a man of integrity and honesty. That purity would always be on my lips and in my heart. That there won’t be a day I won’t pursue who you are and how I can fulfill your dreams. And that I would be the man of your dreams, the one you’ve been waiting for.
My list is long and my desire for her runs deep.  My heart is hers already. She will be my constant. She will bring adventure. She will define joy. She will be creative. Her passion for loving people will only come second to her passion for loving the Lord. She will be gorgeous, cute, beautiful and sexy. Her heart will be pure. Her mind will be quick and wise. Her words will ring truth. She will be bold as a lion and peaceful as a lamb. She will carry an anointing of leading leaders. She will constantly seek gold out of the dirt. Her laugh will make me laugh naturally. She will celebrate when I celebrate, mourn when I mourn, love what I love. She will protect those she loves. She will love the unlovable. And in all things she will seek out the Holy Spirit to breathe life into all she does.
The best part about her is that this is only a portion of who you are.
Now its up to us to meet.
Until then. Love Him. Love me.

2 thoughts on “Dear Future Mrs. Heppner…

  1. Bless you brother!! I will be praying for your desires. Seek the Lord brother, walk in his steps and u will find yourself in the arms of your live sooner than you realize. Miss you brother! God Bless.

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