Burning Season.

ImageThese past few days all I’ve had on my mind is fire. Not that I’m a pyromaniac or an up and coming arson. But fire as in passion, hunger and desire.

Since being back into Canada now for about 2 weeks one of the biggest themes that I’ve recognized is a lack of passion and drive. Now comparing Canada to the US is like comparing apples to oranges, sure they are both round fruit, but only one goes in my beer and the other gets me free health care.

Since being home, I’ve had dozens of conversations and realizing more and more how hungry people are for something that has life, power and a purpose. So many christian friends, leaders and the churches I know have come to this place where they are in overdrive and the cruise control has just been left on for a little too long. Its not that its wrong. Not at all! But just because its right doesn’t make it best. Where is the down shifts in our faith, where is the power of what we believe? Simply put, we’ve been called to drive Tanks and not a Prius. (no this is not a reference to Mark Driscoll’s ridiculousness)

It saddens me that church strategies and systems have replaced the commission of the the church. When did the shift happen that the church is no longer a beacon of hope and love for the lost and more of a social club striving to sustain and keep the doors open? Don’t get me wrong, we have to have the strategic conversations but 95% of the issues/trends we see in the modern westernized church wouldn’t be issues if church leadership would stare at the mandate of the Church living in Kingdom principles. Preaching the gospel. The sending out of disciples. Healing the sick. Loving the unlovable.Living and operating by faith and not formulas.

We need to set loose our leaders to have the freedom to follow the call of God to explore, to fail and to break free of the unspoken boundaries that are placed on them by us, their followers. We need them to focus on the building up of the saints to be more than thermometers when they walk into our sanctuaries but rather be thermostats. To be able to walk into the darkness and tell the darkness to leave before even turning on a light.

 Where are our Davids, Stephens, our Peters and our Pauls who violently held their ground crying out “God, I will not leave this place until you show up!” People want to follow something worth following. People want to give generously to something worth giving to. People want to surrender to authority who is more concerned with hosting the presence of God over hosting sterile church bake sales.

Its time to rekindle the fire. Its time to allow our hunger to birth more hunger. Passion to build more passion. To allow God to be God and to walk into the unknown knowing that the sovereignty of God is so much greater than we can ever know or imagine.

Lets get people going!



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