I went to Black Sabbath on Good Friday


Yesterday was Good Friday, which marked the Christian calendar as a day of remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus. A day when the world held its breathe as the Son of God was brutally beaten, marred, mocked, body broken and ultimately killed in the worst way imaginable.
Yesterday, as the majority of my friends spent the evening in church. I spent it in a crowd of 10,000 screaming fans of one of the darker rock and roll bands Black Sabbath, known for their satanist lyrics and led by the rock and roll legend Ozzy Osborne. Who these days is less menacing and dark and more cute and hilarious. With song titles like Cocaine, Dirty Women and God Is Dead, in all sincerity, I couldn’t have thought of a better place for me to be.
 I woke up Friday with the intentions to head to church like most, however, a friend of mine sent me a text and offered me his extra ticket to the show. Initially I thought I probably shouldn’t go and came up with a bunch of superficial reasons why I shouldn’t. I spent a good moment in prayer and felt the Holy Spirit say, “you gotta go”.
 While at the show, I found it very ironic on a day like Good Friday, the masses gathered, and screamed the lyrics “God is Dead” and “Lucifer take my hand”. As much as my heart initially hurt, I found myself praying and declaring hope into the stadium. I found myself living out what I’ve been taught about changing the atmosphere.
You see, the God that is alive in me is far greater than any god I encounter. And God is just bursting forth. I walked around seeing these people through the eyes of the Christ and the heart of the Father. I saw the brokenness, I heard the screams of the lies that so quickly consumes us. I saw the oppression, depression and despair and met it with a smile and often a laugh. Laughing, not because it in of itself is funny, but laughing because God love so easily conquers and covers it all. And more so, I enjoy some great musicianship, which whether Ozzy and the gang realize it or not, was given to them by God and He loves it too.
 To be honest, as much as I believe God was meeting people in the church services that were happening in that same moment, he was meeting people as Ozzy was screaming “God is Dead”.
 On a day, when the world thought “God is Dead”, God was whispering, “Just you wait…Sunday’s coming…”
And its going to be a greater celebration than Ozzy or anyone can ever throw or has ever seen.





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