I went to Black Sabbath on Good Friday


Yesterday was Good Friday, which marked the Christian calendar as a day of remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus. A day when the world held its breathe as the Son of God was brutally beaten, marred, mocked, body broken and ultimately killed in the worst way imaginable.
Yesterday, as the majority of my friends spent the evening in church. I spent it in a crowd of 10,000 screaming fans of one of the darker rock and roll bands Black Sabbath, known for their satanist lyrics and led by the rock and roll legend Ozzy Osborne. Who these days is less menacing and dark and more cute and hilarious. With song titles like Cocaine, Dirty Women and God Is Dead, in all sincerity, I couldn’t have thought of a better place for me to be.
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Establishing a Legacy. King David.


I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the Old Testament, reading up on history of God’s relationship with His people. Reading through some of the old laws that the Hebrew people followed almost militantly, but with great honor and diligence towards their God.

I started reading excerpts of the Prophets who spent much of their lives in solitude to hear the voice of the Lord for a Nation under so much turmoil and transition. I read the promises of God to His people and continue to read out the history on how not once was one of these promises forgotten.

And then I read about the Hero’s of old. The stories that birthed so many epic dreams as a child of Noah building an ark and watching as the animals simply came to him, Daniel and the Lions den, Moses freeing the Hebrews, Hosea called to Love especially when it hurts to do so. Stories of Samson, Jacob, Joseph and Samuel.

But none of these stories in my opinion carry as much weight for me as the story of David.

The boy, who in a simple act of feeding his brothers in war, becomes a hero for standing up to a giant. A musician who through the sound of his voice and the skills of his hands calms the demons of his King. A worshipper, who’s deep seated passion for the Lord brings favor and anointing to which results in the envy of many and God naming him “A man after My own heart”. A outlaw, who running away from the King, chooses to honor his enemy and allow God to follow through with His promises. A brother, who knew how to love the unlovable, who turns out to be his brothers in arms and the mightiest of men. A King, who rules justly and establishes the Nation of God under the sole purpose of worshiping the Lord. And a Father, who trains up his son to understand the fullness of what it means to be a great king and still a better worshiper.

I opened my bible again to 1 Chronicles 29 and love how the book concludes on Davids life essentially with a prayer as he sets up his son to be king and to build the temple.

10 David praised the Lord in the presence of the whole assembly, saying,

“Praise be to you, Lord,
the God of our father Israel,
from everlasting to everlasting.
11 Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power
and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,
for everything in heaven and earth is yours.
Yours, Lord, is the kingdom;
you are exalted as head over all.
12 Wealth and honor come from you;
you are the ruler of all things.
In your hands are strength and power
to exalt and give strength to all.
13 Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name.

A few verses later he so beautifully hands the crown over to his son Solomon, blessing his reign over Israel and the Lord favored Solomon higher than any other King.

For myself, I read this and I just see the power in living life and loving well, it was the legacy that David left his son Solomon. David all in all, was really nothing special to the naked eye, but from the very beginning as a boy tending his sheep, he was focused on keeping the main thing the main thing. He knew the importance of worship and he knew the importance of honor. And these were the cornerstones of his life even to the very end. And the greatest gift a Father can give is the gift of Identity. David knew who his Heavenly Father was and had such an intimate relationship with Him that Solomon from a young boy knew that he was his Fathers son. And from this Identity he walked into his own legacy of being the greatest King Israel has ever know.

As I sit and think about all of this, I can only thank the Lord that my earthly father carries some of the same passions for legacy, honor and love like David. My earthly father is still one of my greatest hero’s. And as Fathers Day approaches, I can only scratch the surface to thank him for the legacy he is leaving and the mark that he is forever putting on our family. I am eternally grateful for that man. And am so honored to be named after him.

Marshall Wayne Heppner.

I am my Fathers Son. Just as the story of David establishes this Identity with our Heavenly Father, I get the privileged of walking this legacy out with my earthly father as well.

Much Love.




“Humility is the God given self assurance that eliminates the need to prove the worth of who you are and the rightness of what you do… Its not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less…”

From Glory to Glory


Photo Cred: Kenyon Reed


But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. 

2 Corinthians 3:18

So its Saturday.

The day after graduation.

I got home in the wee hours of the morning last night. I woke up closer to noon than I ever wanted… And it hit me.

Today’s the first day of a new season.

The weightiness of this is so per-found for me because I sit here and I write, I read, and I reflect on the year and most importantly always walking forward into the vast unknown of what tomorrow may bring.


I walk with confidence of knowing who I am and who God is.

I walk with peace, that peace that surpasses my understanding.

I walk with power, the power to bring healing and restoration, love and laughter to those in my life.

And I walk with God. Knowing that He’s got me.

Now, as I walk into this new season and allow the pains of heartache and goodbyes, and the excitement and joys of transition work through in the next few days, I know that I am only walking into the next best year(s) of my life.


You are always so good. So faithful. And Your love runs deep. I am forever grateful for the family and friends, mothers and fathers, pastors and leaders You have put into my life this past year. The people that I will forever have and hold my heart. I thank you for how you redeem so much of what used to be broken and skewed. I thank you for how beautifully You shown me not only who You are but who I am. I am Your Son, Your King, Your favorite, I walk with Your authority and power and I release Your glory everywhere I walk. And when I walk into the darkest of rooms, the light within me tells the darkness to leave before I ever flick on the light. I am Yours forever and love You with all that I am.


Dear Future Mrs. Heppner…

Today I sat in the 2nd day of what they deem “Relationship Week” here at school. Essentially, its all about how do we foster, sustain and grow healthy relationships. Not only between Male and Female dating or spousal but also just doing life well in the context of community. It is by far one of the best sources of experiencing the culture of honor that is here in this place.

As I was sitting in class I got the opportunity to spend a few minutes writing some thoughts regarding my future wife. In the context of being authentic and a little vulnerable with you, here’s what I wrote.

Dear Future Mrs. Heppner,

There is something crazy that has been happening over the past 2 months. I feel that in this season God has granted me so much grace and favor to literally ask for whatever I want and it will be given. It really puts into perspective the verse in Psalms, ‘take joy in the lord and he will give’. I’ve never been so joyful and happy than I have in this season. Which is ridiculous! Often times, it rattles my cage to think that this is my life.
With that said I have and do pray for my future wife. You. Whoever you may be. I feel that God is setting us both up for each other. That we would know how to love people so well and that we would then in turn love each other well. That our love would only enhance and engage us into seeking out the Fathers heart and Holy Spirits guidance. That we would be setting standards and holding up values and principles regarding our relationship that would model purity, joy, peace, fun, compassion, servant hood, passion and love. That we who are already awesome separate would be 100x more so together.
As I pray for you, I realize that I finally am ready for this next step in life. God has placed in me a calling and has established giftings, directions and passions towards who I am and where I am going. I have established my ministry, my dreams and my vision for the future years and believe that I am coming into a season where I will meet this future love of mine.
My prayer and desire is that I would be the man that you can trust and entrust to me the fullness of who you are. That you can look to me for strength and security in the times of uncertainty that comes. That I would be your source for overwhelming encouragement and unconditional love. That when you think of me a smile hits your face. I pray that I would be your knight and you my queen. That there would be no day where I am not far from your thoughts. That I would be a man of integrity and honesty. That purity would always be on my lips and in my heart. That there won’t be a day I won’t pursue who you are and how I can fulfill your dreams. And that I would be the man of your dreams, the one you’ve been waiting for.
My list is long and my desire for her runs deep.  My heart is hers already. She will be my constant. She will bring adventure. She will define joy. She will be creative. Her passion for loving people will only come second to her passion for loving the Lord. She will be gorgeous, cute, beautiful and sexy. Her heart will be pure. Her mind will be quick and wise. Her words will ring truth. She will be bold as a lion and peaceful as a lamb. She will carry an anointing of leading leaders. She will constantly seek gold out of the dirt. Her laugh will make me laugh naturally. She will celebrate when I celebrate, mourn when I mourn, love what I love. She will protect those she loves. She will love the unlovable. And in all things she will seek out the Holy Spirit to breathe life into all she does.
The best part about her is that this is only a portion of who you are.
Now its up to us to meet.
Until then. Love Him. Love me.

Mission Trip Opportunity.

Hey Family and Friends and all the randoms that pop by that I love!

For those of you who may or may not know. I’m currently enrolled at Bethel School of Ministry. One of the best experiences of my life has been the fact that I have had the calling and freedom to come down here to Northern California and learn, grown, expand, step out, apply, lead, build and enjoy everything that God is doing in and through me. It has been simply amazing.

One of the main goals of the school is to send out the student body of over 2000 students between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year to share the gospel and expand the kingdom all over the world through missions trips.

For myself what this means is I get the privileged to head out and to be the gospel to people, putting application to the academic.

The heart and passion of the Bethel Mission Trips Department is to see the sons and daughters of God in all the nations awaken to His goodness and love. As children of Heaven, we have access to His Kingdom and demonstrate His love, glory, and power in all aspects of society. Our strategy is to raise up a generation of world changers in their own nations to begin to run with their God-given inheritance to bring heaven to earth and transform their nation. This trip, through Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), ultimately reflects the vision of the Bethel Mission Trips Department.

My missions trip that I chose was LA- Hollywood. Below is the description. I’m so excited!

From the depths of Los Angeles to the heights of the Hollywood Hills. Our team will be
connecting with Expression 58 church, as well as some other community organizations in the
region participating in a variety of outreaches throughout LA, Hollywood, and beach cities.
Possible ministry opportunities may include: Leading worship and meetings at E58 and other
local churches, bringing music and worship to the streets, outreach with ex-gang members,
Hollywood sign prayer walk, Venice Beach Day, Revival History Tour, Homeless Karaoke, Skid
Row, West Hollywood nightlife outreach, and home groups to love on Christian friends who work
in the entertainment industry! Join us as we bring Kingdom culture to one of the most diverse and
influential cities in the world!

Just this past summer was the first time I’ve ever been to LA and I fell in love with the city. The culture, the massiveness, the sights and sounds, NOT the traffic (but I’ll get over it) and I absolutely loved driving around the Hollywood area and seeing the massive amounts of people walking around that call LA home.

The reason why I am writing this post is to ask you to partner with me for this trip. This trip is 10 days long in total and will cost me $950.

Here are the main ways you can come along side.

1. Pray. Pray for me. Pray for the team and leaders. Pray for the people we meet. Pray. Pray. Pray. It is so important to me that I walk into this trip covered head to toe in your prayers.

2. Encouragement. One of my biggest highlights while I’m down here is the odd pop in on facebook, instagram or the phone calls and texts from friends checking in on me. The biggest thing I love about the culture down here is the fact that it is teaching me how important good relationships are. They are like gold. To be able to do relationships well is probably the biggest thing the enemy is hitting in today’s culture.

3. Financials. This is above and beyond my costs for my tuition and what I budgeted at the beginning of the year.  I know its not the largest amount, but it still enough to feel the pinch. What I am asking is that if you feel led to give towards this trip that you would do so with joyful hearts. That you would know that this money is being put back into the ministry that the Lord has set forth before time began. Some of you who know me know that my heart, my mission in life and my calling from the Lord is to do ministry, particularly through music. And so I ask that if you have benefited from the ministry that you sow into the ministry. That those who have received from the word would sow into the work.

Below here is a link where you can give towards this. Everything given is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.


Simply type in my name and follow the prompts.

4. Follow up! Ask me how it went. I know I blog and use social media alot but I would love to connect with you and share stories of what God is doing in, around and through me. There has been so much already.

So there you have it. Get involved.

Much Love All!

Marshall Heppner