Thoughts from the tractor.


While pumping water this week at the farm, I’ve been watching the mist from the giant sprinkler create the coolest rainbows from the water I’m pumping out of the slews.

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Stay Hungry My Friends.


Nothing beats a really good meal after a long day. And this is coming from the fat guy, so you know its true. I’ve tasted and I’ve seen many times that the Lord is good.

This past week, a few of us from my church hopped on a flight down to Dallas Texas to take in the Catalyst Conference. It was awesome, not only did I get to be in one of the states that I secretly want to live in and play high school football one day (there’s still a chance), but to sit in a room full of pastors, preachers, worship leaders and lay ministers hearing great truths from great heroes of the faith. There is nothing better.

On our last full day in Dallas, we decided to head downtown and get one last really good meal in. It was awesome, eating mexican, drinking some┬ácerveza’s, great conversation and watching some playoff basketball where the home team won. Amazing.

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