Out of the Overflow… your world changes…


Photo cred: my bro Sam Niembro


So it hit me….

I had one of those light-bulb moments while zoning out in the middle of the warmest shower I’ve had in a long time. You know those moments. When you sit under the shower head and begin to let your mind wander a little. All warm a cozy. It’s literally one of the best feelings in the world. MMMMmmmmmm….

Enough about that. 

I began to think about the verse in Matthew (and Luke as well) that says something along the lines of “out of the overflow [the fullness] of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

Its simple truth that I believe most can come alongside with regardless of where you come from and what your background is. Simply put, the things in life that consume your heart are going to be the things that gets brought forward in what you speak about.

For instance, if you are a sports fan and you (like me) love the Vancouver Canucks. (which are, by the way, awesome) You will begin to watch as many games as you can, you wear the jersey to church, listen to interviews, watch highlights, follow them on facebook, twitter, instagram and yes even download their iPhone app. (All of which is totally normal right?) Instantly you begin to see how conversations that drive you and the things that you become fired up on change. And soon enough you start talking like you are on the bench using phrases like “we just need to” or “the boys gotta pull it together”. (again, this is TOTALLY normal)

Before you know it, that thing that you love so much begins to seep out of you and the words that come out of your mouth begin to drip with fiery passion.

Now I believe we were created to be passionate people, to live life fully, to enjoy the small and big things in life in all of its fullness. It is instilled in us to be this way to the core of who we are.

But then I began to think, countless times we read in the Bible that our words are powerful. They hold the power of life and death, they are sharper than a double edged sword, they mold the minds of the public like a sculptor, our words justify and by our words we will be condemned. There is a lot on this concept regarding you reap what you sow. And the way I see it, is that there is a correlation between, the overflow of our heart and this concept of the power of our words.

For me, I take it further, what if what we are consumed with in our heart, which then begins to overflow and take hold in our priorities becomes greater than our love for each other? What if what we are consumed with becomes greater than God?

Its way to easy to get all introspective on this, but rather than doing that, I want to shed light on this question.

Are we AWARE of What Consumes Us?

Because very likely, that what consumes us becomes that which steals worship from the only one who deserves our worship. And its a constant act of replacing and repenting of these things that will realign not only our hearts, and not only our mouths, but also the atmosphere we create around us. The worshiper will always become like that of which or what they worship.

I love the simple prayer in Psalms 19:14 that says “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you Oh Lord.” The Psalmist checks in with God to make sure that what is internally aligned and postured towards Him will in turn manifest itself in the physical.

Could you imagine the world we would live in, if we were so passionately aligned inside and out with the Father? That the things that drove us, that woke us up every morning and the thing that we went to sleep thinking and dreaming about was entirely the Love and Goodness of God? I’ve seen glimpses of this. I want to be consumed by this. And I know, in every way I am a work in progress towards this.

But daily my prayer is for a sense of awareness towards what God is up to, in, through, around and even despite myself.

What are your thoughts? Am I too idealistic? Was my shower too hot that it messed with my mind? Where is the line for you between crazy hyper-spiritual and living life well?

Comment below.